Why Manual Testing Is Going To Prevail The Industry

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A quality analyst unfortunately often earns the reputation of being a bad guy. It often becomes frustrating for a developer when someone tells them, their code is wrong and a major part of an application crashed because of that. But the truth is, testers care about the software same as developers. The end result of both of them working together is an enjoyable bug free application.

In the new age of automation testing, manual testing is being framed as unnecessary and a waste of manpower. After watching an automation program execute an entire test case library swiftly, trust and faith in automation testing can highly increase. However, the value of manual testing can never be underestimated, and there are some reasons for which manual testing is still prevailing.

Browser Compatibility Testing Errors

Even Automation Can Have Error

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Automation is nothing but a manually entered script. Just like an error filled code it can fail. An incorrect automation script can be deduced as a functionality that failed in your application, worst case scenario being an error in the code being passed as a correct functionality. When a code is manually tested, it is ensured that the application is being tested from a user’s point of view with no room for errors.

Automation Testing is Just Another Tool

Automation is Costly for Small Projects

  • The automation software itself is costly
  • Management and maintenance of the software is not free
  • Loss of time because of software setup and processing
  • Script writing and rewriting in Agile can be time consuming
  • The cost and time consumed can be afforded in the case of a large application. But in case of smaller projects, automation testing can prove to be a considerable waste of money and time. A manual tester can do the job needed to be done at a much lower cost.
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Validation of User Experience

There Are Always Exceptions

Foundation of Testing Skills

New Domains to Explore

When it comes to testing, the field of wearables is almost unexplored. It will be difficult to develop automated test case scenarios that will efficiently explore whether the device is workable or if there is any bug. In the long run, manual testing will cost less and will be the best approach to testing on this hardware.

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Fast Reproduction of Errors in Production.

Our most important goal as testers, typically, is to learn about problems that threaten value in our products, so that our clients can deal with those problems effectively. Neither our testing clients nor people who use software divide the problems they experience into “manual bugs” and “automated bugs”. So let’s recognize and admire technical testers, testing toolsmiths and the other specialists in our craft. Let us not dismiss them as “manual testers”. Let’s put an end to “manual testing”.
-Micheal Bolton —

Although organizations are opting for agile environments, familiar processes will not be abandoned completely. Although manual testing may not be the best choice everywhere, some scenarios will always arise in any application’s testing phase when human evaluation will eventually become the only way to maintain the product’s quality. By getting a clear idea of a manual tester’s capability, QA teams can use it to boost the benefits of automation testing.

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Originally published at www.lambdatest.com on July 27, 2018.

Author: Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Written by

Product Growth at @lambdatesting (www.lambdatest.com)

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