Top 15 Interview Questions For Test Automation Engineers

Everyone dreams of being a part of Google, Facebook, Microsoft. Before interviews, candidates delve into the books, try to read almost everything that they can, go through internet searching for all the possible questions that may be asked in interview.

So, we have made the work a bit easier for them. Here, we have compiled top 15 interview questions that you must be knowing before facing an interview for Test Automation Engineer.

Question 1: You are given a word. Now, using your favorite programming language, write a code to test if the word hat is given to you is a palindrome. [ Palindromes are words that have similar characters from left and right both. Ex: noon, radar, civic, etc.]

Question 2: Write a program that returns the count of each word in the file.

Question 3: Write a program to find the depth of binary search tree, without using recursion.

Question 4: Find out the occurrence of a given word in a given array. The word may occur left to right, up to down and vice versa.

Question 5: What are the software testing tools you use and why?

Question 6: You’re given two sorted linked lists. Merge them.

Question 7: You are given a large amount of log files, how would you find the top 10 visited links?

Question 8: In your project, what QA process do you generally use and why?

Question 9: What are the steps that are involved in automation testing?

Question 10: What are the criteria under which you shouldn’t automate a test?

Question 11: What are frameworks?

Question 12: If you are asked to test google search bar, how will you test it?

Question 13: You are given a linked list and a value k, find the kth element from the last.

Question 14: Find the maximum and second maximum number in an array of integers using your favorite programming language.

Question 15: List the pros and cons of automating a test at UI level.

So, if you are planning to go for a Test Automation Engineer interview don’t forget to attempt these questions first. And if you want to add more to our list, let us know in the comments section below.

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