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So we received another bridge funding, thanks to the awesome growth we had in the past year. Now, many questioned about our further plans for investment, some suggested that we should invest in PPC, some suggested investing in corporate conference sponsorships. However, these methods lacked something important and that is “connections”. We are a user-driven platform. We don’t want to be another corporation simply pushing their products. We want to remain a part of the community.

Which is why we thought of doing things differently this time. This time, we want to connect one-to-one with our power users & thank them for supporting us in our endearing journey.

We are giving away exclusive LambdaTest Goodies as a token of LOVE from our side. That way, when you look down the road, you will have something to reminisce about us.

Presenting LambdaTest Swag!!

Stand a chance to win exclusive LambdaTest Goodies such as Laptop Sleeves, Coffee Mugs, Wall Posters, Stickers, Hoodies, and more!!!

How Can You Get Your Hands On One?

All you need to do is share your testing stories with us. A story that involves browser bugs would be a plus. It could be any story, an outage, an enhancement, a library you liked, or even a bug as a feature(we love those don’t we). 😉

Use hashtags: #browsertesting or #lambdatest

We are fans of audio-visuals so photos, screenshots, videos are always welcome.

Plus share Memes — there can never be enough memes.

Winners To Be Announced On Wednesdays

The winners will be announced every Wednesday from our company profiles on every Social Media platform. So make sure to follow or subscribe to us on Social Media.

We will also be uploading the winners over our hall of fame.

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Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #lambdatest or #browsertesting

What Are You Waiting For?

Hurry up and grab your LambdaTest Swag now! In case you have any questions, you can refer to our FAQ section. You can also drop an email to or directly chat with our experts. We are here for you 24/7 and we can’t wait to hear your browser testing tales. Cheers and happy testing! 🙂

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Author Harshit Paul

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