Infographic: Top 11 Chrome Extensions For Developers In 2019

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Dominating the browser market share with 63.99% as of Aug 2018 — Aug 2019, Google Chrome has been the pinnacle of web browsers. As a result of immense worldwide adoption, it is no surprise to witness a bustling marketplace for Google Chrome extensions. Some are there to help you become more productive at your daily activities and some are specific to your profession or hobby. However, with the availability of innumerous extensions, it could be tough finding out the top Chrome extensions meant for you, or being notified about them. And considering the pace at which the web development domain is evolving, it becomes all the more important to stay up-to-date. Which is why I am going to help you quickly realize the top Chrome extensions in 2019 for web developers and designers.

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  1. ColorZilla
  2. Fontface Ninja
  3. LambdaTest Screenshots
  4. Marmoset
  5. Clear Cache
  6. Page Ruler
  7. Check My Links
  8. JSON Viewer
  9. Corporate Ipsum
  10. CSSViewer
  11. Web Developer

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