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JavaScript is a web programming language that is designed and used to make interactive web pages. Interactive is a fancy word which can be boiled down to the interaction between the user and the web page. This interaction is based on the functionality of the web pages and not any manual intervention.

For example, let’s say you are building a website which displays a current score of the ongoing cricket match. Now, a cricket-match becomes a nail biter in the death overs. As a developer, you can follow two approaches. First, just keep updating the value on the server and the user will refresh on his end which will reflect the latest values or you can refresh the page at the user’s end automatically as you update the value in the server. Needless to say, the latter will be preferred by the user and is more efficient. This is what JavaScript does. JavaScript eases the pain for user and provides an interactive user experience.

Today, there cannot be a web page which does not constitute JavaScript code into it. It has become the part and parcel of a developer’s professional life. As a matter of fact, it is growing day by day. Although JavaScript is hugely known to be used inside the web pages and provide the functionality to it, JavaScript is used at other places too which do not comprise of JavaScript. These may include Node.js, Apache Couch-DB and Adobe Acrobat.

Major web browsers today have in-built JavaScript execution engine for executing JavaScript. If you are a thriving web developer, you cannot escape the encounter with JavaScript. Today or tomorrow, you have to face it. Why not become a JavaScript master beforehand and be ready for it when the time comes? This is what this tutorial brings to you. It tells you how can be one step ahead then your fellow web developers and polish your JavaScript better.

1. Grasp The Basics More Thoroughly

2. Use Functions To Define Different Modules, Even If They Are Small

3. Keep Cross Browser Compatibility In Mind

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4. Use Object Oriented Approach

5. Use Tests Should Always Have A Near Perfect Code

6. Error Handling

const err = new Error(‘Please improve the time complexity of the code’)
console.log(err.message) // please improve your code

This gives you the power to display an error message too. You can also use try, catch and finally to apply validations on your code. If an error is found in the code in the try block, you can jump to catch block to either execute an error code or display some message. Finally, block executes the code in all the cases, whether there is an error or not. A sample code is given below:

catch (Exception e)

7. Use Tools According To The Problem

A cloud-based cross browser testing tool such as LambdaTest can help you test your website on more than 2000 browsers + OS combinations. So you can ensure smooth website rendering on macOS, Windows, Android, iPhones, iPads, & more devices.

8. Understand DOM

9. Handling Memory Leaks

10. Understand The Code Of Others

Reading the code of other developers is a great way of expanding your JavaScript skills. It would be better to see the code of any random problem but it would be best to see the code of a problem you have worked upon. Work on the code whose solution fascinates you like a website. If you like a website and wonder how the developer achieved this, see the code. A problem has different solutions and it is better to know all to learn how to reduce the complexities of the JavaScript code. This will in turn ease out your website loading feature.

11. Asynchronicity

12. Read Books

13. Bookmark Reliable Sources

14. Subscribe Reliable Channels On YouTube

15. Subscribe To Newsletters

16. Stay Updated On Twitter

17. Follow Developer Communities Such As Stack Overflow

18. Transpiling Your Code

19. Go For A Framework

20. Try To Solve Complex Things Regularly

21. Last But Not The Least, Remember The Phases

So, being a JavaScript developer is easy but being a JavaScript master is a little difficult. Just going through the concepts will not do enough. It is the should to HTML which gives HTML some life and you see beautiful elements performing tasks they never imagined. The points I shared above are very important in order to become a JavaScript master. Keep these on your tips and follow them one by one. Once you have achieved the goals discussed in each topic, you are ready to compete with anyone and develop anything (invented or not) in the website world. Cheers!

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