17 Skills Of Highly Effective Software Testers

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Software testing is an essential process for developing the perfect app. But, as a software tester, it is essential to have certain skills which in turn will help with testing the applications better.

Many people and organizations still have a tough time finding the right software tester and it is because of the lack of the required skill set. Today we will look at 17 software testing skills which are essential for any leading software tester.

1. Thought Process

2. Reporting and Communication

3. Thorough Understanding & Mapping Of Business Situation

Each project has user stories that are implemented. These stories describe the type of interaction that happens with the system and the outcome that the system delivers. The outcomes to these interactions must be consistent and testers need to identify various scenarios where the consistency might break.

This makes it essential for testers to understand the boundaries of the system and verify that the impact of various processes on the system produces desirable results.

4. The Glocal Approach

A tester can holistically test the application if he has the ability to detach himself from the system and get an outsider’s perspective. This view of the components will give him a better understanding of the component and any errors in its internal working as well. This is what we call the Glocal approach, monitoring global interaction as well as local working.

5. Automating The Process

This is one such example of a process where repetition occurs. This is also a classic example of where automation can fit in. Automating tests for cases where there is repetition saves a lot of time for the tester to focus on more complex testing scenarios.

6. The Modern Methodology (DevOps and Agile)

7. Understanding The Code

8. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Some common technologies which are essential to an application lifetime process include Scrum, Lean, and Kanban among many others. These should be a part of the important software testing skills for any professional to be able to perform better.

9. Project Management

10. Rational Clarity

Moreover, one of the most important software testing skills includes honesty and rationality. It is the ability to question complexities of the development process and think critically. Supported by logical evidence, a tester can impose his learnings to improve quality of the product delivered.

11. Awareness Of Latest Web and Mobile Technology Trends

Technology changes rapidly and it is extremely difficult to keep up with them. Adding to this problem is the lack of a single source of information to update oneself on the technology front. There are several ways you can try to keep up to date with technology.

  • Check for the top trends that well-known publications and online tech news website publish on a regular basis. Searching for trends in technology on a search engine will give you a good start.
  • Following people who are industry leaders on social platforms. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter allows you to follow leaders in the industry who regularly post the latest things on their feed.
  • Join Tech Communities. With communities on Reddit, Telegram, etc emerging, find the ones where discussions on latest trends occur and join them. People will share the relevant information which you can choose to learn more about those trends.

12. Planning and Documentation

Moreover, documentation is a skill which many testers tend to ignore but a well-documented test process helps to get a better analysis. This helps the team simplify future solutions for any bug or error occurrence.

13. Cross Browser Testing Skills

It allows testers to test their application across different browsers running upon various OS for different devices. Cross Browser Testing is pivotal to ensure a smooth running post-launch.

14. Front-end Communication

This implies to all the front-end communication that takes place with the client. Testers need to be clear and concise with their communication. All presentations should be well supported with examples and evidence in addition to being short and to the point. Any queries raised by the client should be taken as a feedback and responded to with well-crafted solutions or explanations. This skill makes the tester an integral part of the team and is a well-noted quality of excellence.

15. Constant Learning Process

While there are courses and certifications for every upcoming technology, most of them aren’t related or targetted to testers. Moreover, it will be a very expensive affair. Rather, learning to use new technologies practically is more important. Self-driven learning individuals are the leaders in the industry and go a long way.

16. Synergy and Trust Building

Team collaboration and team building exercises are necessary but there is a difference between team collaboration and interpersonal skills. An occasional lunch or coffee with the developer can be enough to create a good bond. Not only is this an essential software testing skill for testers but also a leadership quality will help in the longer run.

17. Testing Tools and Technologies

Also, cross-browser testing is essential in every domain. It is becoming prominent owing to the numerous platforms available. LambdaTest is only of the leading providers of cross-browser testing tools with hundreds of mobile and web browsers. Such tools with their array of devices help testers to debug and find errors efficiently and all at one place.


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Originally published at www.lambdatest.com on November 19, 2018.

Written by

Product Growth at @lambdatesting (www.lambdatest.com)

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