13 Mistakes while performing Usability Testing

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The aim of usability testing is very simple, ask participants to test the application, collect quantitative data from the test results and figure out how the application can be improved. Often, testers or observers make certain mistakes that can lead to a critical defect from where, recovering the application can be costly and time consuming. In this article, we shall discuss 13 common mistakes that happens during usability testing and should be taken care of.

Lack of Proper Planning

Misconception about the Goal

Testing with Incorrect Audience

Testing at The Last Moment

One Way Testing

Participants Should not be Interrupted

Conducting Only One Usability Testing Phase

Pilot Test Should Not Be Missed

Tasks Should be Properly Designed

Testing Potential Solutions

Proper Behaviour with The Facilitator

Treat the Participants Properly

Premature Test Conclusion

Besides proper planning and execution, there are many ways by which usability testing can go wrong. It is ideal to plan and execute the testing phase properly and learn from your earlier mistakes before test phase execution.

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Originally published at LambdaTest

Written by Arnab Roy Chowdhury

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Product Growth at @lambdatesting (www.lambdatest.com)

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